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Family protection why do you need one?

Posted on: 12 Nov 2012

What do you have planned to protect your family?

11 million common everyday accidents each year.
20,000 deaths each year due to domestic accidents
14,000 of these deaths occur to those over 65 years of age
è Accidents poorly compensated in the event of death or disability.
So that the financial consequences of an accident do not jeopardize the balance of your family, AXA offers you: Family Protection.

  REFERENCE Solution COMFORT Solution
Objectives To guarantee the most serious accidents of life Protection extended to less serious life accidents
Recognized disability  rate 30 % 5 %
Maximum compensation 1,000,000 1,000,000
Age limit for subscription Up to 77 years Up to 77 years
Funeral expenses A maximum of € 5,000 A maximum of € 5,000

The +s of the contract:
  1.  1 single contract to protect you and your family
  2.  personalized compensation calculated on the basis of personal injury, the consequences of the accident on your life, your age, your income and your family expenses
  3.  In case of death, injury to the finances and morale of family members insured under the contract is also supported
  4.  support services for you and your family: home help, home care, home tutoring, disability assistance, transfer of your pets
  5.  risk sports are included (non professional practice)
  6.  one simple and fast subscription, and no medical questionnaire

Monthly rates REFERENCE Solution COMFORT Solution
Couple / family - 65 years 12 € 20 €
Couple / family + 65 years 16 € 26 €
Single person - 65 years 6 € 10 €
Single person + 65 years 8 € 13 €

                             EXCEPTIONAL SUBSCRIPTION OFFER ONLY UNTIL 31.12.2012: - 30%

Some examples of accidents supported:
  1. Accidents resulting from falls, burns, fractures, dog bites...
  2. Medical accidents: nosocomial infection...
  3. Accidents due to assaults, blows, injuries...
  4. Accidents not resulting from natural causes: storms, floods
  5. Accidents caused by amateur sports
  6. Etc…
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