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Glossary useful French terms

Acte de vente: Deed of sale
FNAIM: the initials of the Federation Nationale des Agents Immobiliers et Mandataires which is the main French national association of estate agents
Agent Immobilier: Real estate agent
Assurance Multirisques Habitation: Household insurance policy for buildings and contents
Mandat exclusif: Exclusive mandate for an estate agent to sell a property as opposed to a mandat simple which is a non-exclusive mandate.
Cadastre: Land registrar
Notaire: Notary, a lawyer who is a legal professional and a public 
Condition suspensive: Suspensive clause, eg, agreement only if the buyer is granted a loan
Compromis/ Promesse de vente: Preliminary contract. this is a contract by which one person undertakes to sell another person without the latter immediately consenting to buy. It is guaranteed with deposit that is forfeited if one of the party pulls out.

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