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French Cheques

Completing a French Cheque

Complete the French Cheque as per picture below.
Never write a cheque if there is not sufficient funds in the account, even if you are expeting an incoming transfer.

Paying in a cheque to your AXA banque account.

Follow the simple procedure to pay in a cheque
  • Sign the back of the cheque
  • Staple the cheque to the paying in slip
  • Complete the slip, with the issuing bank and cheque amount
  • Send the cheque and slip to: ABPI, 14 rue Sthrau 75631 Paris Cedex 13

Where to find a paying in slip?

  • You can download the credit slips from the internet banking site
  • At the back of the cheque book you will find some paying slips.
  • Or you can download a blank slip here. make sur you complete it with your account number.

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