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“French way of life”

Not surprisingly, many people who come to France on holiday or on business become enchanted with the French way of life. Caught up in an appreciation of the French lifestyle, they consider moving to France or buying a second home there.
Fortunately, housing prices in France compare favourably with those of many other countries. Owning your own home there is obviously an asset. It offers a way of diversifying your investment portfolio and of securing your retirement.

Who are Agence Limonier?
Agence Limonier are specialist lenders for international buyers of residential properties in France. We have more than 17 years of experience in delivering mortgages to non-resident investors in France.
We are proud of our solid, international reputation. And we believe that we are best suited to help you find your place in the “French way of life”.
Come and enjoy the privileges and benefits of the French lifestyle!

Why work with Agence Limonier?
  • Multilingual and multicultural mortgage advisers
  • Assistance throughout the buying process, from the initial search for the best mortgage solution right up to the payment of your final instalment
  • No broker's fee
  • Plain English paperwork
  • Dedicated mortgage service in English
  • Flexible mortgage solutions

Which projects can be financed?
  • Buying a French second home
  • Buying a French main home
  • Renovation loan
  • French bridging loan
  • Buy to let
  • Leaseback
  • Releasing equity on your French property
  • French re-mortgage
  • Euro finance
  • Post purchase financing

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