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New banking regulations

The French Banking regulation has strengthened the requirements for the banks' knowledge of their customers and the security of their operations (1). To comply with these regulatory requirements and continue to deliver you quality service we now have the obligation to update the information we hold. You will find attached a form that we ask you to complete, and supply a list of supporting documents about your identity, your home address and your resources.
Personal information collected will be used in the management of the banking relationship in accordance with statutory requirements. (2)
You can choose not to provide the requested information, but the bank will typically have the duty to close the account(s).

(1) Articles L561-6 and R561-12 of the Monetary and Financial Code - Decree of 2 September 2009.
(2) You can at any time exercise your right of access, rectification and opposition by writing to AXA Bank - Customer Quality Service - 203/205 rue Carnot 94138 Fontenay sous Bois Cedex.

Documents to provide:

  • Proof of identity: National identity card or passport (pages relating to the identity, number, address and signature), valid residence permit;
  • Proof of address: Land line phone bill (no mobile phone), water, electricity or gas under three months. For people who are lodged by a third party: utility bill, water or electricity for less than three months, proof of accommodation and copy of identification of the host;
  • Proof of income: Last two payslips (if salaried), latest income tax return (if self-employed) pension statement or tax return (if retired).

Completing the form:

For your convenience a translation of the form you would have received
Tick the appropriate boxes and complete:
My assets’ (excluding properties) is:
•    Less than €10 000
•    Between €10 000 and €50 000
•    Between €50 000 and €100 000
•    Between €100 000 and €500 000
•    More than €500 000
My assets’ consists of: (several answers possible)
•    Property
•    Savings Account (Booklet A, passbook accounts, ...)
•    Financial savings (PEA, securities accounts, ...)
•    Employee savings / PEE
•    Life Insurance
•    Professional assets, business, partnership
•    Other (art, artistic or intellectual properties, ...)
•    No assets

My net monthly income is:     € ______________

My profession is:            _______________

I hereby declare the accuracy of the above information and I have been informed that they are used exclusively in connection with updating of my file in accordance with the regulations.

Town ___________________________            Date ______________________
Signature: ____________________________________


Q: Can the forms be sent by email attachment?
A: No you must send the completed form and legible copies of the supporting documents by postal mail. As the original signature on the form is required

Q: Where de we send the forms and supporting documents?
A: Send the original completed and signed form and legible supporting documents to:
       AXA Banque – Service Acquisition
       TSA 86104
       95901 - CERGY PONTOISE CEDEX 09

Q: Can I choose to not reply?
A: Yes you can choose to not return the form with the supporting documents. However the bank will have the duty and responsibility to close the account(s).

Q: I have several French bank accounts, do I have to do this for each bank?
A: Yes each bank will send you their forms, the forms may be different from one and another. Ideally all French banks will have to be complient by the end of 2012.

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