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Oligo Bank Accounts

Benefit from all the avantages the Oligo (1) bank account has to offer. Service in English through your international branch. For more information call your banking consultant on +33 (0) 497 117 115.
  • Free Visa card (2)
  • Earn 1%* interest on your current account (3)
  • Get a 4% refund of your AXA insurance premiums (4)
  • Attractive savings accounts, zero Euro fee - yield guaranteed
  • Free cheque book (5)
  • Online banking 24/7 - Consultants by phone 24 hours a day 6 days a week(6)
  • Receive Emails and SMS alerts when funds are credited or debited (7)
  • No bank charges on small overdrafts (8)
  • Domestic wire transfers are free
  • Standing orders are free
  • Direct debits are free
  • Cash withdrawal and card payments in the Eurozone are free
  • Free iPhone, Android and Blackberry applets available


AXA Banque pricing here

Terms and conditions here

Application form

Wire transfer form - Domestic

Wire transfer form - International

Add beneficiary form


(1) Bundle products and services AXA Bank subject to levy, according to the tariff conditions

(2) Visa card charges refunded when threshold is reached - See Terms and current tariff

(3) gross annual nominal rate of 1% from 1 euro. This fee is calculated based on the daily credit balance of the account and paid monthly (the rate in effect at 01/01/13and subject to change). Limited to 10 000 €.

(4) With AXA, until December 31, 2010 Get 3% annual repayment by AXA France in January of next year on your insurance premiums AXA on selected contracts: Auto, Motorcycle, homeowners, Individual Life Insurance, Health and Legal Protection. Just be the Account holder Oligo AXA Bank and have it take your insurance premiums AXA - This offer is subject to conditions and is limited to individuals, excluding all insurance contracts within the scope a trade or profession - Conditions of the offer from AXA partners duly authorized.

(5) Free shipping easy, 3.5 € + postage by registered mail. If the order is by telephone, outside the automatic renewal, billing will be 2 €.

(6)  Excluding Sunday and bank holidays - excluding costs of communication by phone and on the website (connection costs vary according to service providers).

(7) Set threshold to alert your operations (trasnfert, cheque deposits, withdrawals...) and you will receive an e-mail or text message on your mobile phone as soon as the threshold is reached. 0.30 € per extra alert

(8) If the overdaft is less than 600 € a week for example

Under the current tariff conditions to 01/04/2010


Walter Limonier intermédiaire en opérations de Banque Mandaté AXA BANQUE

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